Womens Casual Wear Dress by Pendleton

pendleton-clothes-new-paris-shop-amsterdam-nyWhen you hear the word casual you might not immediately be thinking of fashion, but there is no need to let the ball drop while you’re relaxing. Pendleton makes looking good look easy. Our casual wear has a lot of variety, and that means you are definitely going to find something that will be your new favorite outfit.

Pendleton brings the same attention to detail and stylishness that they bring to their coats and shawls. You don’t get to be over 150 years old without knowing something about being on the cutting edge. Come in and look through all the great clothes we have and you will be able to feel and look great whether you are just lounging around, meeting friends, or just looking for something casual to wear for the everyday tasks you have to do.

Pendleton provides the comfort of wool in everything from skirts and blouses to coats and scarves. We are one of the few stores that carry this timeless line of clothing. From work to play, Pendleton offers quality and durability.

We want you to have a great shopping experience, and we know that when you walk out of The New Paris Shop with that great outfit that you are going to want to come back, and that you and your friends are going to be making regular shopping trips so that you can fill your closets to busting point with these great clothes.